"EDUCATION is the most powerful
Weapon which you can use to
Change the World."

If you are searching for a school where excellence is anticipated & you want to steer in a right direction join us.

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"Every Child is Potentially
the Light Of
the World"

B.S.S. Public School was established on 15th March 1987 at Indira Nagar, Raebareli which occupies multiple campus covering lush green play ground with modern spots facilities...

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Come and Experience
the Quality of Education
through B.S.S Public School

The main aim of the institution is to free the students from book burden and to provide educational in playfull & creative ways to develop an all round personality.

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Let Your Child Grab Our Special Features:-

Special mind & brain development training by dream technician.

Fee Structure provides the value for money to parents.

Caring and experienced teaching faculty.

Innovating, interesting & high-technology teaching methodology & smart classes powered by teach-next.

Secured campus & well monitored classes through 24 x 7 C.C.T.V cameras.

Regular Medical Checkup is performed by the team of experienced doctors.

Psychological & IQ Tests are conducted regularly.

Parents Teacher Meeting are held every month.

Regular Power backup during school hours.


Grey Check Shirt & Dark Grey Pants

Black Shoes & Grey Shocks

Grey Tie with Red Strips and School Belt

WINTER : Navy Blue Blazer with Monogram

Sat & Wed : White Shirt & Paint with White Shocks & Shoes


Grey Check Shirt & Dark Grey Skirts

Black Shoes & Grey Shocks

Grey Tie with Red Strips and School Belt

WINTER : Navy Blue Blazer with Monogram

Sat & Wed : White Shirt & Skirts with White Shocks & Shoes

House Uniform on every Wednesday & Saturday Only.


Summer : 08:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

Winter : 09:00 A.M. to 01:30 P.M.


Summer : 08:00 A.M. to 01:30 P.M.

Winter : 09:00 A.M. to 02:30 P.M.


Summer : 08:00 A.M. to 01:30 P.M.

Winter : 09:00 A.M. to 02:30 P.M.


  • Anmol Mishra NEET - 2020

    Myself Anmol Mishra Selected in NEET 2020 Examination and achieve 666/720 marks with AIR Rank 1524 and category rank 932.

    I have studies in B.S.S Public School Raebareily 11th and 12th. Teachers perform their duty very well. They always ready for doubts and can ask as much question of our books with our teachers. They always guide us toward the proper direction. Our Manager Sir always motivate us for our goal. When I got disturbed or have any queries regarding my career he always helped me.

    There is good atmosphere regarding our career in this school physics, chemistry and biology teachers take much care of marks in test and explained that from where and how I can achieve progress so that I can achieve good marks in test.

    Anmol Mishra

  • Shashank Shekhar Singh Selected in Civil Services - 2019

    Hello, BSS Parivar

    My name is Shashank Shekhar Singh. By the blessings of god, parents and teachers I have got AIR 208 in UPSE Civil Services Examination 2019.

    First of all, I extend my thanks and regards to each member of the BSS family for their support, help and blessings to me.

    I passed out this esteemed institution in 2013 on completion of class 12th and since than I am proud of my alma mater.

    It is an honour for me to give message to the institution which has taught me so much, not just in scholistic sense but also in values of life.

    My message to students of this school shall be simple : "Never doubt on your ability to do better. Make hardwork your passion as there is no substitute for that. And most importantly 'do dream'", but remember the words of Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam that, 'Dream are not which you see in sleep, dreams are which don't let you sleep'.

    At last I would like to remind everyone that intelligence plus character is the goal of real education. And Plutarch (an ancient Greek philospher) said it correctly, "The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled"

    Thanks & regards,
    Shashank Shekhar Singh
    (AIR, 208 UPSE CSE - 2019)

  • Amrendra Singh IIT - 2014

    Hello Friends,

    I am proud of being B.S.S. Alumini joining B.S.S. was one of my best decision which load to good percentage in 12th Board Exam as well as selection in IIT continuous motivation by Managing-Director Sir, guidance by teachers and discipline provided by school helded me to face any difficuilty during my preparation. This is the only school which cares about compitative exam, along with board.

    I thank B.S.S. whole heartedly for the success I have achieved.


  • Shweta Singh NEET - 2016

    This is Shweta Singh, MBBS I Year student in King George's Medical University, Lucknow. I have secured AIR - 1427 and State Rank (U.P) - 114 in NEET - 2017.

    To reach this height of success my school B.S.S. Public School has played a very important role wherever I am toaday is all because of efforts of my teachers as well as my school environment. School is having best education, best environment and a very good competition. Teachers helped me in every step of my journey and I am very grateful to them. They teach us from board point of view as well as competition both for medical & Engineering.

    And the teaching system and discipline maintained by our Managing Director Sir, Respected B.L. Singh Sir is really appreciable I am glad that I am part of this school.

    Thank You

    Shweta Singh

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The play ground provides the playing facilities for different age groups of children. For nursery and preparatory classes the students have excellent facility of electronic swings, kangraroo etc.
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We are used advance vehicle tracking system in our school transportation.
Like Real- time information, Monitoring the speed, managing the route and scheduling
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B.S.S. provides a well maintained computer lab. The Computer Lab has variety of computer hardware & latest version of computer softwares. Computer education is provided from class 1st onwards.
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Our physics laboratory is one of the most well equipped laboratories in the school. It has a dimension of 12m by 10 m. Instruments of various types of experiments are kept in the laboratory.
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The School provides a well maintained library with varieties of books. The students from play group to senior secondary classes have all the facilities to enjoy book reading in the library.
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Science lab equipment allows students to interact directly with the data gathered. They get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own.
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Our Super Stars And Achievers